The picture may be a bit dark on the web site but it was taken by IGP paranornal at sinai

just in from the left hand side of the white there is a figure of a ghost ?






If you look close you can just make out 2 faces at the top of the window to the left of the white door.

This is is in exactly the same place as the pic taken by IGP a couple of months before you can see a face a mustache and a hat on his head




Hiya chris, i have a picture here that i took last night, that has a white mist on, theres nothing wrong with my camera and there was no explanation to what could have caused this, apart from perhaps a ghost.

Thank you for this picture which was kindly sent in by Kim Richardson and her mum Julia Scott it was taken at Halloween at sinai house the gentleman with the ginger hair is the back of the group going round on the night and I am talking at the front of the group and on the night at the house it was completly clear of mist.There was nearly 20 sightings of ghost over the halloween weekend culminating in water coming out of the walls for no appartent reason and a lady being slaped across the face when nothing was there.



picture sent in by Gemma Mathews on Halloween 2011