Thanks to Betty for this Story


In 1970 I lived in a two bedroomed house at Hawfield Lane. I lived
there with my four sisters and one brother, my parents slept downstairs. As
part of a large family .

Every Saturday my parents went to the pub and we were looked after by a
babysitter.We would be in bed when my parents returned. My parents would
always go to the loo before settling down for the night and would open the
bedroom door and check all the children were safely tucked in. Any flaying
arms or bedcovers that were adrift would be straightened. I made it a point
to wake myself up (I was always a light sleeper) and get the attention of my
mother. I would ask for a glass of water which my mother would attentively
fetch and sit on the edge of the bed while I drank it. This was my quality
time; on a one to one basis, with my mum.

One evening I had been in bed and woke up to a figure stood in the dark by
the door. I asked as I normally did for a glass of water and the woman,
blonde haired: as my mum was then, dressed in a cream coloured dress (not
quite full length) came across the room and disappeared in the sideboard!!

The next morning I told my mum. I would have told her that evening had I
have been brave enough to get up from hiding under the bedcovers. She
dismissed the idea and said it was my imagination running wild again.

My sisters and brothers said they had experiences too but my parents
dismissed it as childish imagination. My brothers and sisters on occasion
would wee in the garden rather than go upstairs alone to the loo.

In 1989 I was working part time in a shop and it was very quiet and the
subject came across spirits and having a personal 'guide'. The girl told me
about her experience of being saved from a resevoire by a mystery person who
disappeared and that she had once seen a ghost. The ghost she told me
'without a word of a lie' had been floating a foot off the ground. Her and
her sister had been walking near the '49 steps' one early evening when it
was dark and saw a ghost float up the steps to the first house with the
That was where I used to live..
She did not know I used to live there and we had not spoke about this
subject before.

I subsequently rang my mum who said she knew that there was a ghost in the
house but she was hardly likely to admit it at the time with so many
children in the house. She then admitted that the ghost used to tease her in
the kitchen by tapping her shoulder so she would turn round and noone would
be there.

On speaking to relatives, who have long since died, they seem to remember it
being called 'Gawpys Hill'. I cannot find any record of this. I wondered
whether or not it may have been an unmarried mother that had her child taken
away and was an unsettled spirit? I believe female spirits are more
prevalent around children during adolescence as they are drawn by their
motherly instincts to return to help unsettled minds of children?






They say in Burton this is an area of town not to walk after the sun has gone down because of events that are said to have taken place here
The porous gypsum rock that was said to produce so many miracles for St Modwen where also said to be used to hide some of burtons darker secrets down its wells. In 1412,1415 the abbot had to be given a pardon for accusations of rape theft, trechoury and although he had to wait a further couple of weeks murder as well levied at the monks in his charge. Certain monks who didnít wish to keep there fidelity to solely god where said to have made local females pregnant bringing shame on their order and for the women shame on their selves. It was said that some of these mothers in desperation had thrown the babies down the wells leaving them to die believing that this would be a better fait for the child than what might of befallen them if they where alive. They say that if you stand here on a still autumn night that you can hear the babyís dreadful and pitiful cries wailing for their mothers who never returned and left them to a cruel and certain death. On the other side of this bridge is cherry orchard which was Andressey Island and legend has it near the babies well




about 3 years ago whilst shopping in Burton.
I was shopping at a small chemist on I think it was Horninglow Rd, we had been
in the shop for about 3/4 mins waiting to speak to the pharmacist, out of the
corner of my eye I saw what can only be described as atramp, filthy, bearded,
wearing gryish rags, he was holding his hands out to me and pleading in a
horrible gutteral sound, I screamed the shop down, fell into hysterical shock
and had to be given cold water and a chair, I was so upset we left Burton, I had
terrible trouble driving and my children were frightened, I slept badly for
I contacted the chemist and thanked them for their help and asked if thiswas a
well known phenomena, they said they would try and find out, I gave them my
phone number but never heard another word.
I have never been shopping in Burton since!
What do you make of that?
I can describe every inch of that tramp as if it were yesterday!