psychic ghost walk Burton has reputedly 250 ghosts for the first chris (historian) and Scotty (psychic medium ) are working together to take you on a special event .
We are going to combine a ghost walk and psychic walk
as we tell you the ghost stories and history of Burton but
also via Scotty ask the deceased to join us as Scotty tells us which spirits have joined us on the walk
we never know on an event who comes through but frequently deceased
relatives have used the oportunity to communicate with you.We dont
know if this will happen on the night but we can predict if you dont
get one of the limited places it will not happen to you

The event is for groups of 10 plus at £10 per person


if you carnt get the required amount still contact us we can place you with another group or charge a minimal extra amount to make up the difference


psychic ghost walk