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Sinia public ghost walk August 6th 8.30 TO 9.30 PM (SECOND WALK)

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Burton and sinia ghost walks



Sinia ghost walk has taken place for nearly 20 years. Without us knowing what was going on beneath us. It was not until the visit from a TV program called Help my house is haunted. That the revelation came that the Holy Grail was under our feet.

The Holy grail was the cup that christ drank out of at the last supper.It was said to be held and protected by the knights templar. Who legends has it. Moved the holy grail in the 13th century from Jerusalem to a new hiding place.

According to a local historian the actual holy grail is underneath the house. The theory being that the founder of the templars was an ancestors of the Pagets. Who acquired the house after 1539. To hide the Holy Grail. Prior to this it was originally hidden by Burton Abbey. Being a ideal location a long distance from the sea for foreign attack.

In the 19th century a tunnel was found from the house to caverns and tunnels underneath. They attempted to go down them but where beaten back by fumes.

If the Grail is there or not the paranormal activity from the Templars certainly is.As they have made there presence felt. They have been seen and physically touched people.

peeky blinders are connected with sinia and Burton
peeky blinders are connected with sinia and Burton

Sinia connection with Burton and Peaky blinders

The caverns and tunnels below Sinia where not just used for hiding the Holy Grail. It was said to be a hiding place for organized crime,(The real Peaky blinders).

With the nearby canal junction for distribution across the country it was a ideal spot to transact their business.

Sir oswald Mosley (a character on Peaky blinders} spent a lot of his childhood in the area living at Rolleston hall.and the family are that well known there is a street named after them Mosley street in Burton.

sinia park house
sinia park house

Sinia is just not about peaky blinders and the Holy Grail

With over 168 ghosts encountered by the general public.Which are very interactive being seen in visitation and touching and interacting with Guests.

The walk is an hour long and covers some of the stories above but also includes stories of witches,Demons and of course the white lady etc.

The walk is for one hour and is £10 per person a full covid refund is available for event cancallation or illness.

To book just press on the buttons below and choose how may of you are coming.If you have any problem contact us

sinai ghost walk

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