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burton and sinia links page
Burton and sinia links page

LINKS are below which are part of our Internet network .Firstly this includes scary true ghost stories which is exactly what it says ghost stories and pictures from all over the world. Secondly we have our own you tube channel with the same name. We have another group called True stories and proof of the after life which is focused about NDEs. Moreover If you like videos and pictures of real ghosts these are on our instagram page. Shortly we hope to have live broadcasts off our Facebook page All things paranormal .

As a result of these outlets over the whole network we have around 160.000 PEOPLE excluding ghost walks and hunts.


Burton on Trent ghost walk was set up in 2000 by myself and my wife Tracey. We went on the famous York ghost walk.  Inspired by going on the walk we decided to make are own. So we started our research collecting ghost stories cross references with history. Psychics walked around the first walk asking for spiritual approval.

After we had gathered this information we had to write and produce the walk and then recruit a cast. We where also worried about the legal side of things i.e. crowd sizes in public areas etc. So approached the council about this who gave us advice but also introduced us to York ghost walk who mentored us in the writing of the script .

We are looking at making new LINKS with other people or organization. Including other ghost walks. paranormal groups paranormal companies. Haunted venues,film outlets,other you tube channels,Instagram,face book group and pages

If you would be interested in linking with us by exchange with your website,page or group or any of your media outlets. iF you would like to contact us we can discuss exchanging links free .If you are a commercial advertiser please do contact us as we can discuss

The links are listed below