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burton ghost walk connected with peaky blinders
Burton ghost walk


Peaky blinders what do they have to do with Burton Ghost walks.

Sir Oswald Mosley home Rolleston hall was in Rolleston on dove only down the road from Burton and Sinia. He spent a lot of his time in his childhood there. Mixing a lot with the well to do at Sinia and Burton . The connection with the Mosley family is so strong there is a street named after them.

Burton on Trent is 34 miles north of Birmingham. The canal Network shown on the Peaky blinders is still here. There is a junction connecting the canals in all directions.Ideal place to transport goods especially illegal ones.


The haunted walk is the nickname given to Burton ghost walk because of the visitations of spirits.

On Halloween night on the walk  an off duty policewoman fainted in Burton jail stating she had seen a ghost of a woman in white stand in front of her.The description was Alice Goodridge aka the Stapenhill witch she was tortured in this area around four hundred years before of what in modern times would of been the police.Was she trying to make a point.

A  ghost of a little girl has been seen numerous times while on the walk always in the old Abbey buildings or by the river bank.It is said she drowned in the river and has not passed over and she is looking for her now dead grandfather.Who was supposed to be looking after her and fell asleep and let her drown.

These are a few of the visitations seen by people on the walks maybe if you join us you may see one.

Burton has surprising connections with history.Including of course the Holy Grail but also connections with American presidents.The last matyr to be burnt alive in England  and even  Mary Queen of Scots 

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burton ghost walk

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contact us burton ghost walk

We are just not here for that. We do hire Sinia out for events up to 2 am in the morning.

Be you a company doing events or just a general member of the public who want to hire it . It is all possible.

As well as events in Burton and Sinia we have a lot of involvement in the paranormal. With our you tube channel Scary true ghost stories telling ghost stories from all over the world. Our facebook page Burton and Sinia Ghost walks and paranormal events Our face book groups Scary true ghost stories,pictures and all things paranormal . We also have our instagram page for all the pictures of ghost caught by the general public.

As well as our social media involvement we have written and run events at other venues . How it all began with the Burton Ghost Walk tells of how we have done this in the past. i.e ran shugborough hall paranormal events.The museum of brewing in Burton upon Trent. We also ran a event in a live hotel and even a shopping precinct.

The team for the walks and paranormal events are made up of several types of dedicated individuals.These include the walk guides and supporting staff. The paranormal teams include paranormal historian,support staff and professional psychics.

As well as working on the events the psychics spend a lot of their free time helping people with issues. Including haunting possessions etc.They are glad to help you so if you contact us we can pass your details on to them .

So please do use the form below with your inquiry. for all of the above things not just a general inquiry. Or alternatively ring us on 07936402865