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Sinia knights templar

Sinai park house what does it have they to do with the Holy grail and the arc of the covenant. The ghost walks and ghost hunts have taken place at Sinai house for over 15 years. It was not until 2021 with the airing of help my house is haunted . The revelation was made by a local historian that he believed that the Knights Templar had placed the holy Grail and arc of the covenant underneath the house.

In the 19th century explorers attempted to go down the tunnel from the house but where beaten back by fumes. They where trying to access the mining tunnels under the house and a large cavan. Which have something to do with the location of the Holy Grail.

The legend of the Cavan not only connects to the Holy grail. It was also said that it was used to house illegal contraband. Possibly by Peaky blinders being near a major canal connection

Sinai history goes back over 2000 years with the plunge pool in the garden being connected to the druids. Also a tree once which was a site of a witches hanging tree.

Of course there is plenty of ghosts 168 of them from the white lady encountered by David wells (Most haunted ) and Ian lawman (help my house is Haunted ).Not to mention the ghosts of monks,witches and Demons.

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The ghost walk is an hour long walk and tells you the history of Sinai,the ghost stories of Sinai and the paranormal activity that happened to other people while they were on the walk it is for groups of 15 plus at £15 per person.To book please use the button below.

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If you can not get the required numbers for a walk please contact us or ring us on 07810391038 and we will put you on the list for available walks