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Burton ghost walk with free drink
Burton ghost walk with free drink


Sir Oswald Mosley home Rolleston hall was in Rolleston on dove only down the road from Burton .He spent a lot of his time in his childhood there.Mixing a lot with the well to do in Burton .The connection with the Mosley family is so strong there is a street named after them.

Burton on Trent is 34 miles north of Birmingham. The canal Network shown on the Peaky blinders is still here. There is a junction connecting the canals in all directions.Ideal place to transport goods especially illegal ones.


A  ghost of a little girl has been seen numerous times while on the walk.Always in the old Abbey buildings or by the river bank.It is said she drowned in the river and has not passed over and she is looking for her now dead grandfather.Who was supposed to be looking after her and fell asleep and let her drown.

Burton has surprising connections with history.Including of course the Holy Grail.Also connections with American presidents.The last matyr to be burnt alive in England  .

The BURTON GHOST WALK starts and finishes in the market place in Burton on Trent and is for groups of 2 plus people at £12 per person if you do want to book a group booking please contact us and you can use the buttons below to book.

burton ghost walk 

The Royal oak/Burton Gaol walk

There was a lock up in the Market place from 1270s its first occupant being a murderer from Alrewas.It was nicknamed *Helle ” by the locals as conditions where so bad. It remained a gaol until the 1760s.Where it did remain as a prison and a public house. ” The landlord had to agree to guard prisoners in a cell and would be accountable to the lord of the manor if a prisoner escaped. After the 1830s it had a period as a vicarage and then reverted back to a pub.

The building has no lack of ghosts including a witch,gaol er,priest and many more. Who have proved to be very interactive with the public. I am going to tell you all about it or as has happened in the past they may tell you themselves.

We will start the tour in the royal oak Burton Gaol .Afterwards we will move outside to hear tales of the darker side of Burton . The tour finishes inside the Royal oak.

We take bookings from 15 plus at £17 per person with £5 towards a drink at the bar . if you cannot get the required numbers please contacts us and we will put you on the list to join the group.If you want to book a group booking of 15 plus use the buttons below.

burton gaol walk 



A psychic walk in Burton on Trent is whereby a spiritualist medium communicates with the deceased. This takes place on the Burton Ghost walk nicknamed the “haunted walk “. Due to ghosts being seen by members of the general public. The psychic is accompanied by a historian to give verification or none verification to what the psychic is seeing.As well as communicating with the spirits on the walk. He could also communicate with yourself as loved ones send messages from the other side directly to you .

The walk is for groups of 10 plus and is £20 per person.If you do not have 10 please Contact us re availability and for more information .The walk starts and finishes in Burton market place 


To book the Burton psychic walk for a group of over 10 please use the buttons below.