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The Stapenhill ghost and psychic walk

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Stapenhill Ghost walk
photo by Jez English of the ferry bridge stapenhill end

Stapenhill means “steep hill ” in old Anglo saxon. A location so well thought of by the Anglo Saxons. It was their graveyard . So a place with a lot of potential for ghost. Attracted those by stories of vampires and witches in this small once village we started to research.

This included asking my good friend psychic medium Ian Griffiths to undertake a psychic walk with me prior to writing the script. This was to be a shock because although I knew that Stapenhill was very haunted. I did not realize how much.

AS well the ghost legend Alice Goodridge (the Stapenhill witch ) talked about on the Burton ghost walk. The legendary Drakelow vampire who according to local legend resting place is in Stapenhill. There is a lot more spirits in this location.Including a ghost ship, the blue lady,sad Victorian girl to name a few.

Shapira scrolls
Shapira scrolls

The Shapira scroll

On research into the walk it was not only to find a lot of Ghosts and of course a lot of stories to go along with them.It was to also find a large amount of mysteries and secrets.This included connections with the peaky blinders but also the American mafia. A secret sealed room and one of the greatest mysteries of all time and antiquity of the world the shapira scroll.WE DO GROUPS OF 2 PLUS ON THIS GHOST WALK

A psychic walk is whereby a spiritualist medium speaks to spirits as we walk around stapenhill and you are also accompanied by a paranormal historian to verify or not verify who they are.Also included in this are personal readings and a human pendulum.This is for groups of 10 plus just contact us for further details

please contact us All the walks are an hour long and take place outdoors if the weather is extreme for the walks to take place we will cancel the walk and give a full refund.

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