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Burton ghost walk with free drink

The Royal oak/Burton Gaol walk

There was a lock up in the Market place from 1270s its first occupant being a murderer from Alrewas.It was nicknamed *Helle ” by the locals as conditions where so bad. It remained a gaol until the 1760s.Where it did remain as a prison and a public house. ” The landlord had to agree to guard prisoners in a cell and would be accountable to the lord of the manor if a prisoner escaped. After the 1830s it had a period as a vicarage and then reverted back to a pub.

The building has no lack of ghosts including the Stapenhill witch,Gaoler,priest and many more. Who have proved to be very interactive with the public.

Burton/Gaol ghost walks run from this location. On this event though we go late into the night as we communicate with the multiple spirits. It will be hosted by the Burton paranormal team including paranormal historian,psychic and paranormal investigators.

The event starts with the history and ghosts of the pub/Gaol.The pub will then be closed and then we split into groups. As we communicate with spirit as we use vigil,Ouija board and table tipping and much more.

The event officially starts at 11 pm .The event finishes at 3 am.It is for groups of 15 plus and is £35 .The events run Sunday to Thursday.

Booking the Burton Gaol investigation

To book the event contact us for availability and to book use the buttons below.

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