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holy grail

sinia park house
sinia park house


Ghost walks and paranormal events at Burton Ghost walk and Sinia park house what do they have to do with The Holy Grail and Peaky blinders

Sir Oswald Mosley home Rolleston hall was in Rolleston on dove only down the road from Burton and Sinia. He spent a lot of his time in his childhood there. He would of mixed a lot with the well to do at Sinia and Burton . The connection with the Mosley family is so strong there is a street named after them.

Burton on Trent is 34 miles north of Birmingham. The canal Network shown on the Peaky blinders is still here. There is a junction connecting the canals in all directions.Ideal place to transport goods especially illegal ones.

Underneath Sinia there are disused alabaster minining tunnels and a large cavan.There is a tunnel from the house where attempted entry was made in the past but they where knocked back by fumes. According to local legend there is another entrance to the passage ways and the cavan and a labyrinth of tunnels under Burton on Trent.This is the possible location of the Holy Grail ?.

Another legend is that the Cavan under the house was used to store contraband from criminal gangs for possible movement via the canals.Where these Peaky blinders ?.

Ghost walks and paranormal events at Sinia house

sinia park house the location of the holy grail

A vast amount of paranormal activity has taken place at Sinia. Not surprising how far the history of it goes stretching over 2000 years. In fact there is an ancient spring in the grounds with connections dating back to the time of the Druids .

Of course the reason to come on a ghost walk and paranormal events are Ghosts. and paranormal activity and there is plenty here in fact a 168 of them. From demons to witches The famous white lady and Monks encountered by Most Haunted and Help my house is haunted to the singing little girl caught on EVP to the unnamed coach man.

The main reason Sinia and Burton have been a place that is re booked is the vast amount of visitations and interactions from spirits. With people being pushed,pulled have their hair stroked when nobody is there.To name just a few things

Burton ghost walks

Burton Ghost Walk connected with peaky blinders and the Holy Grail

The haunted walk is the nickname given to Burton Ghost walk because of visitations of Ghosts.Seen by the general public. Including an Erie looking undertaker to a little girl with blonde hair. Burton has surprising connections with history. Including of course the holy grail but also connections with American presidents. The last martyr to be burnt alive in England (Edward Wightman) and even Mary Queen of Scots.

Burton and Sinai ghost events include Ghost walks and hunts. To find out more about these press on the pictures. In the areas about the two locations.Sinia can be hired for your own events etc . Please contact us to find out more